A little over three years ago, a team of prior law enforcement and military officer's felt that there was a gap in tactical and competition optics that was not being filled. 

At the top level, it can easily cost the same amount of your firearm just to purchase a good optic. At the other end of the spectrum, you were getting a better deal, but the design, features and reliability were lacking.

Why a Gorilla? Strength, agility, loyalty, presence. All these traits describe a formidable force. Gorilla Optics strives to live up to the legend of the great Silverbacks.

That is why we founded Gorilla Optics. To give our customers a quality optic with many features offered by top companies in optics for a fraction of the price. We operate at the highest levels of technology incorporating innovative manufacturing and quality.

Many of our optics are developed with input from law enforcement, military, and the special forces community. Our premier micro red dot, SAMARITAN was developed from working with SWAT officers, Special Forces operators, and defensive pistol instructors to give you the largest view field and best dot for fast, repeatable target acquisition. 

We offer top quality dot optics, prisms, LPVO's, long range, night vision, accessories, and even smart optics at competitive pricing.

We stand by our products with the best in the industry warranty. Thirty days money back and limited lifetime warranty after that. 

Whether you need a good carry optic or looking for something to complete that perfect build, Gorilla Optics has your six!