Do you ship outside of the USA?
Unfortunately, no. Weapons optics are an export controlled item meaning that we cannot ship these outside of USA without State Department approval. 

My pistol shows it is "optic ready", what does that mean?
Optic Ready from your pistol's manufacturer simply means that the slide is already milled and ready to accept a red dot optic in the same "footprint" it is milled for. Typically, RMR, Holosun, RMSc, Docter, etc.

If your pistol does not come "optic ready" no need to worry. We do offer other solutions to mount a red dot optic on your pistol.

Why do I need a red dot on my gun?
Dot sights or red dot sights have been in use since the 70's. The advantage they offer is a single point of aim versus two points of aim from traditional "iron sights". This single point of aim usually equals faster target acquisition and follow up. The popularity of concealed carry pistols brought in a miniaturized version known as micro red dots. These have now become extremely popular especially on new "wonder 9's" such as the Springfield Armory Hellcat, SIG P365, GLOCK 43X and 48, etc. 

Also, as you age your eyesight may weaken. This can make aiming at distance with traditional iron sights more difficult. Many senior and experienced shooters have moved to dot optics because of being easier to see and pick up the glowing dot in the lens. 

Which red dot fits my pistol?
We have built a database of many of the top pistols offered and what optic footprint is required to mount an optic. Simply select your model and it will display which optics will fit. 
(May not be available until after launch).  
Please understand that we try our best to update our database as quickly as possible. However, we may not have every combination listed. If you are unsure of which one fits, feel free to reach out for help in selecting an optic. We carry adapters that may allow you to mount with many different configurations. 

The Samaritan optic is amazing! Should I go with Automatic or Manual Brightness?
Samaritan came from three years of research working with input from real heroes. Active and retired police officers, SWAT team members, and the Special Operations community let us know what they wanted in a carry optic. We feel that we have developed that optic that provides straightforward operation, quick target acquisition, and durability. The choice of brightness controls is mission specific. 
Both work well in many scenarios however, professionals prefer manual brightness adjustment. They may pursue subjects in and out of dark buildings and back into sunlight and prefer a consistent dot and MOA. Concealed carriers like the ease of drawing their weapon and having the brightness automatically adjust to their current environment.

Red or Green dot?
The jury is still out on this one! The red dot is more traditional, but many customers prefer green. Many feel that their eyes can pick up on the green dot faster than the red dot. Do keep in mind that if you do a lot of outside shooting the green can blend in with grass and foliage. This is I think more a personal choice than anything scientific. However, many more seasoned shooters feel the green is easier on the eyes.

What is Co-Witnessability?
We believe that it is an optics ability to work in conjunction with your iron sights. Many micro red dot optics either do not work with OEM iron sights or require you to switch to high or "suppressor height" sights. With Samaritan there is no need to change your stock OEM sights. It is designed to work in tandem with them. If there is ever a malfunction such as damage or a dead battery you still have the capability to aim straight through the optic without the dot visible. 

My Samaritan optic did not come with a "gasket" like I have seen with other micro red dots?
Samaritan was engineered from the ground up to have a tight fit against the slide / mating surface. No external gasket is required. The electronics are solid state and sealed against the elements. The battery compartment is sealed using a built in rubber gasket around it and works like an O-ring when compressed. Some other optics use a rigid plastic piece to seal this area which requires a gasket to allow the hard plastic to "cut" into it and create a seal. 

Is there really FREE SHIPPING on everything?
We are shooters too and we hate paying for shipping. Before even building Gorilla Optics we wanted to offer a great free shipping option to all our customers. We ship USPS full Priority at no additional cost! 

Impressive! I placed my order, when do I get it?
We try our best to process orders within 24-48 hours from receiving them. Usually sooner. Once processed, our order system will send out a tracking number to the email that you provided when first ordering. 

I never received a shipping confirmation to my email.
Please double check your spam folder. Many email clients especially Gmail and Yahoo may classify shipping emails as spam. If you do not see it in any of your email folders, it simply may have not shipped yet. Please feel free to reach out for an order update in this case. Also, please verify that you entered the correct email address in our order system. We can update the email address if needed.